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Many monthes I have not posted anything on my blog...
The main reason is that I was really busy with all the stuff I worked on.

Some of the work was personal, that I try to develop and maintain on my free time, like a Haxe website engine, a kind of Haxe CMS, some tools that help me in my daily workflow production, some Haxe contributions...

But I worked also on some new and interesting projects, like a client-server software to send SMS using a GSM modem...

Let's see more in details what I'm writing about

Personal work

Haxe website engine

Since this blog exists (2007), it was always entirely written using Haxe.
First, it was done for my own needs, but quickly I saw in Haxe a wonderful tool for the web developement : All the client and the server sides (front-end and back-end) are written using the same language. I have also many classes and objects that are shared between the both sides (less code to write, better communication...)

I won't again enumerate all the benefits and useful tools comming with Haxe but If you want to get more informations about all that, please refer to this post

And of course, with years, I tried to improve this engine, taking in account the technical evolutions until I get a quite good stuff.
As I wrote, it's a kind of CMS, but since I'm a coder, and this stuff is'nt for commercial use, I haven't wrote a complete solution for beginners... You have to know some tricks to deploy it and use it, but once done, you'll have access to all the engine giving you the possibility to customize everythnig you want until the pixel !


Working on the Haxe website engine, I had many recurent tasks, especially to manage the different targets, the front-end, the back-end...
So I created FBuilder, a tool to manage working with multiple targets, really useful when you know that one of the advantage of Haxe is that it can target many targets...
You can get more informations about that tool here.

Another tool that I wrote was about templates and multi languages...
Since my Haxe website engine manages multi languages, and I work with Templo, so I wrote a tool Templotar that converts "generic templates" to the used languages, using a .cdb file (CastleDB) that contains my texts in JSon format.
It's really light weight and simple to use. You can also get more informations about that in this post.

I have also many others tools, like useful classes and objects, all that makes me working daily with Haxe really smoothly .

Professional work

Like usually, I worked for some clients mostly on Flash modules. Taking in account the existing workflow, building news modules or reworking on old modules...

But one of my best project last days was working on a software for schools, that sends SMS to the parents of absent students.
I write "best project last days" because I had a lot of thing to learn, especially on GSM communication through the serial port (COM), taking in account the "hardware" (cable and modem), learning the Open AT protocol, the PDU protocol for sending SMS using the Unicode chars and concatened SMS...and "fighting" with multi-threading
It's not really complicated but I had to learn all that in a short time...

I hope you enjoyed all my experiments and shares on this blog until now, and I'll try to wrtie something more interesting and technical in next days ! So as many people say : Stay tuned !


10.21.2014 at 09:49 Joe

Hey ! (sorry English viewers, this comment is in French )
Un petit mot sur ce post et sur le post cité : c'est grâce (ou à cause ^^) de toi que j'ai remis les 2 pieds dans la programmation web, ton article m'a permis à l'époque de mieux comprendre et de mettre (aussi) en place un framework simple et efficace pour la mise en place de FE/BO/BE ... Depuis c'est encore plus un grand kiffe avec Haxe !
Donc : MERCI MICHEL ET (s'il te plait) KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK !

10.23.2014 at 10:55 Michal

Hej Joe !
Merci pour ton message, ça fait plaisir de savoir que certains de mes "travaux" motivent d'autres développeurs et contribuent, ne serait-ce qu'un peu, à l'utilisation de Haxe tant dans le domaine personnel que professionnel. C'est clair que quand t'as testé Haxe, t'as du mal à revenir en arrière.
A bientôt !

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