SWFMill + Flash 9 Library

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This is a quick post about how to use SWFMill.
There are some tricks to generate SWF Library for Flash 9.

When you work with SWFMill, using a simple XML, there is an attribute named version in the movie tag, that enables you to set the SWF version.You have to set it to 9, when building a Flash 9 application.
If you're working with MovieClips inside MovieClips, when you set the place tag, don't forget to set the name attribute (movieClips's name on the scene). Then you have to declare a movieClip variable with the same name, inside the class, that have the same name as the parent MovieClip (its linkage).
Of course, working with flex, or Flash CS3, the compiler does all that by itself, but I'm using Haxe and SWFMill, and had some strange run-time errors, trying for the first time using SWFMill for Flash 9.
I hope this post can help someone, if you want more informations, let a comment


06.08.2007 at 17:36 jav

I'm trying the same, SWFMill + Flash 9 Library without haxe, but I have not achieved it, could you post any example?

06.08.2007 at 18:11 Michal

Hi !
You can see examples with the bloxHx game and the FComponentsHx.
What are you using instead of Haxe ?

06.10.2007 at 18:25 jav

I'm using the Flash 9 authoring tool to create my application and swfmill to create some shared libraries of fonts, but I don't manage to import the libraries. I suppose that I have to insert the class definition in the libraries but I don't know how to. Besides, I would like not to use haxe, only swfmill.

06.11.2007 at 11:21 Michal

I don't really understand what's the matter.
If you want to import libraries, just import the swf that contains your classes with the clip tag.
For more informations check here : osflash.org/SWFMILL

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