hxDeploy : Haxe project template

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hxDeploy is an executable (from neko) and a "tpl" folder.
You can download hxDeploy.zip here.
Try to unzip hxDeploy and the "tpl" folder inside a folder that is in the global path on your OS. (C:\Program Files\Motion-Twin\haxe on Windows for example)
Then you can use hxDeploy from the command-line :

  • Go into an empty folder
  • Launch hxDeploy from the command-line, using a project template

There are templates for building Flash (using or not swfmill), Js and Neko projects.
The command looks like:

hxDeploy projectTemplate [className]

If projectTemplate is missing, it will display you all the project templates available.
className is optional. If specified, it will be the class name of the main class.
For example, if you want to deploy a Flash9 project (using Swfmill to build the assets library), you write:

hxDeploy swf9Swfmill Test

You get 3 folders : src, lib, bin and a Haxe build file named Test.hxml, on the root.
src contains the Test.hx file which contains the right class.
lib contains an assets folder (to store media assets for the flash), a Swfmill XML and a build file for it.
bin will contain the binary file, once compiled.
Since now, you just have to execute the Haxe build file on the root, to get your binary.
You can easilly create your own templates too.
I haven't tried it on Linux or Mac, I hope it works the same way as on Windows (It should).
If you have ideas to improve that or any suggestions, don't hesitate ! .


10.10.2008 at 17:32 Ob1Kn00b

I've thought maybe an extension for puremvc, or multiple source directories would be nice. Saves on boilerplate.

03.24.2010 at 13:50 rapidpedia

Where can I find more templates for building Flash? I need them badly! Thanks.

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