Haxe 3 : Get ready

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As the next Haxe relase will be a major version upgrade, it will break some backward compatibility. You must beware some of your existing code will no longer compile, but IMHO it's a little rework to do compared to the benefits you gain. And after all, why working with one of the most advanced language and not working with the latests features it offers ?!

Keep an eye on :

In order to get the latest changes you can watch these links :

  • Tips and Tricks page : Haxe 3.0 and the transitional period come with new Meta, compiler swithes and defines (-D)
  • Haxe 3 manual shows you the main changes that occurs in Haxe 3.0.
  • Haxe Github commits shows the latest commits done on the haxe repository. This should corresponds with the link below
  • Nightly Builds lists the latest Haxe Git Builds.
    I personaly use this direct link to get the windows haxe builds


When you finish downloading your "nightly build" zip, I suggest first to backup your existing copy of latest working version of Haxe. Then you just have to overwrite the haxe binary (haxe.exe on windows) and the std directory.
Typing haxe on the command-line prompt, you will get the last build version and first level haxe' help. Since here you can see the lastest compiler switches.
Of course, don't forget to define haxe3 in your build script :

-D haxe3

You can now start using Haxe 3.0 features in your code and keep back the compatibility thanks to conditional compilation like in this example :

#if haxe3 @:generic #end
class MyGenericClass #if !haxe3 implements haxe.rtti.Generic #end {


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Ca promet !

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