Haxe javascript-neko IDE

29.09.2013 2738 0

Nothing spectacular here, just a Neko server that handles Haxe's remoting requests using HttpConnection (process a call to haxe compiler that gives the completion - see Haxe Display for more details.
Then a client side written in Haxe too, and targetting Javascript (a HTML shell and, of course, a CSS written using HSS...)
All that gives a good results as you can see here
It's about 200 lines pure haxe code, without any external library, targetting the NekoVM and Javascript and tested only on Google Chrome. (available on all OS...)

I know many javascript WYSIWYG text editor exist but, as I rewrote all from scratch, I started with a empty div container with the new HTML5 contenteditable attribute, implemented some basic behaviour, as tab key pressed, dot and parenthisis remoting call to display, and maybe insert, the "next keyword"...
For now, it's just as it, but seeing the good results that all that gives me, I'll try to improve that and maybe work on that "project" when I've time, so I'll try to update the link.

I've had also a nice trip some mothes ago about the Start page plugin for Flash Develop
So much fun...


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