Haxe completion for Flash Develop 3

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Download patch

Installation :

Copy the archive's 5 DLLs into the FD3's plugin directory (usually : C:\Program Files\FlashDevelop\Plugins )
Copy the archive's fdbuild.exe into the FD3's tools directory (usually : C:\Program Files\FlashDevelop\Tools )
Note : You must have FD3 RC2 installed.

How it works :

-CTRL+Space gives you traditionnal FD3 completion (as for AS3 projects)
-after a "." or a "(" Haxe compiler completion occurs and gives you exactly the same completion as haxefd does for FD2 (except that I've added exceptions after : if, switch, for, while, function, catch and trace that displays errors in FD2 and displays nothing in FD3). Take a look here for more informations
-If an error is displayed instead of completion, that mainly means that you have a real error somewhere in your code (the error displayed gives you the file and the line number where the error should be)

Why is it interressting to use it :

-You get the real Haxe compiler completion from the Haxe compiler version that you are using. It means that it's synchronized with your compiler (If you update the compiler version, you'll not have to update FD3 or FD3's Haxe context...)
-It displays errors inside your code without having to compile your project (you can save some developpement time[:P])

Known issues :

-sometimes after a "." or a "(" a partial member list is displayed and when you select a suggestion, it erases 2 characters before the current carret position. To solve that, you have to press CTRL+Space once and it will givbe you the complete member list and will not erase anything. It seems that it's a FD3 issue and not really linked with Haxe completion. I'm sure it will be fixed as soons as possible
-after the "super(" word, Haxe compiler gives us an error that should be fixed soon too. I think it will give us completion for the super class arguments.


-Enable or disable Haxe compiler completion in the project or the Haxe context settings.

Feature requests or bug reports :

Don't hesitate to report bugs or give your suggestions to improve it.
Thanks fly to Nicolas and Philippe for their help !


03.12.2009 at 21:30 thomas

thanks for the plugin. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to work here.
I get a message: "Error : Invalid class name and ..."
I'm on Mac running FD through WMare, with very latest FD version.
Some ideas?

03.13.2009 at 20:18 Michal

Main bugs are fixed now

03.18.2009 at 21:27 Timo

This is great. Thanks

04.08.2009 at 15:02 danilo2

Hi, I've downloaded the patch, but It doesnt work fine - when I'm pressing ctrl+space after trace command this is f.e:

e <ctrl+space>

I wont to get instances that start with "e" but i'm getting only message (yellow under caridge): "No classes found in trace".
Additional I wont to display all hints without pressing ctrl+space. Is it possible as with normal flashdevelop?

04.08.2009 at 15:10 danilo2

I found next bug:
when I'm typing

var arr1:Array

To this moment there is no array in code hinting,only when i add the "<" character there appears suddendly all classes with <T>.

04.08.2009 at 15:17 Michal

There are few issues for now, because of combination with Haxe compiler's completion and the FD one.
I'll take a look at the "trace" (and anothers keywordks like that) to improve the behaviour.
Thanks for reporting

04.29.2009 at 03:46 Abdullah Ali

Awesome, thanks for this, I've been struggling with things like:

var g = mySprite.graphics;
g.???? << // no intellisense by default

Now this works.. phew.. thanks a bunch.
I'll try to test it thoroughly and report back with any bugs I stumble upon.

02.14.2011 at 08:55 Haumurbsmeake


02.16.2011 at 00:53 Michal

Hello !

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