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I wanted it very lightweight ans simple to use. For now, it's an alpha version.
In the set you can find:

  • Label
  • TextInput
  • Button
  • CheckButton
  • RadioButton
  • ListView
  • ComboBox
  • ProgressBar

You can build your skins using SWFMill with PNG now.
The project is hosted by google yet. You can see and download it from here.
You can find in the package, all the components and a TestComponents file, that contains an example running on Flash8 and Flash9.
You can see a documentation about FComponents here.
...Don't hesitate to send me your questions or suggestions...and bug reports of course !


05.22.2007 at 15:41 Ruy

The code is written in as2? Do you plan any version using as3?

05.22.2007 at 18:51 Michal

This is a flash 8-9 version, so the code is written in both as2/3.
Of course, because of limitations of compatibility, written in only AS3 it could be more optimized

05.23.2007 at 00:37 Ruy

Well, I planning to use this in a new project, but I'm just starting with haxe yet... and I didn't understand one point... can haxe mix as2 and as3 codes?

05.23.2007 at 08:39 Michal

Well, Haxe outputs SWF for flash <= 9 and flash 9, but the code to use, the API is different for each other. So that's why, I'm writing a crossversion package, to have a same API for flash and flash9. It's not a famous thing, but it could help beginners to code in Haxe and improve the AS2/AS3 migration.

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