Demoscene Memories

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Making backup of my HD, I came across this old stuff from my demoscene years as 8bits graphician.
Many memories from this time, I've passed so much nights painting on Grafx2, a Deluxe Paint (Amiga) clone working on PC.
At this time, the challenge was to have the most beautiful picture using just 256 colors max.
I was a fan of some artists as M4de (from Bomb demoscene team), Lazur (from Pulse PL), Yoga, Dzordan, X-man (who is actually one of the coder of Grafx II) and some others, that I'm sorry but I forgot...

You can say, it's not really linked with what I'm doing now for years, but in fact the demoscene world taught me a lot : I was impressed by these raw coders and graphicians that fought with optimization of their routines or pixels, just to fit in minimum size, which todays is forgotten because of the large amout of space we have and the performances of the CPU's...
Let's see some of my humble contributions

Here are some of my hymble contributions to the demoscene world as 8bit graphician for several teams like Toadstood, Popsy Team or Enenzi...All that between 1996 and about 2000.
You can see some of the steps at the end of this post.

One of my first try : 16 colors "Edyta", 4th place in the Volcanic Party in 98 (I already loved big boobs ! )

This is "Emoland", inspired from a Björk's song Emotional Landscape...I was a big fan of Björk at this time. (256 colors)

I had a big placard in my bedroom with this little girl holding a bear. She had beautiful curly hairs and a denim jacket, which I never succeed to reproduce, so I've tried to do some special fx ... (256 colors)

Please, don't judge me... Yes I was a fan of Celine Dion too . But here the chanlenge was that it's only a 16 colors picture and on the original format (GIF), when you shifted a special index of color (black on black), a message appeared for my girlfrien...Ok stop laughing now !

Some logo for Popsy Teama quite good demoscene team at this time...

Another logo for Skytech a quite good demoscene team at this time too...

Some pictures made with Aura (TV Paint successor), no more 8bits...Balance is a copy of a drawing from Boris Vallejo, one of my favourite painter.


Here come some of the steps I found from my 8bits pictures :



Teddy Bear and little & Dolly







Here's my first attempt of a little demo using Flash...begining of the 2000's


10.30.2014 at 15:55 TiagoLr

Amazing! An haxer full of talents.

10.30.2014 at 20:38 Michal

Thx man !

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