BloxHx 0.1

04.08.2007 5240 9

You can download the sources here (update 2007.08.04).
The game uses fash and fcomponentshx libraries (updated too).

  • fash to make compatibility bewteen Flash 8 and Flash 9 API (BloxHx can be compiled for both Flash 8 & Flash 9)
  • fcomponentshx to display some components


12.06.2007 à 01:05 bb

look cool,
but, stupid one...
how do you play? (^~^)
keep on the good work.

12.06.2007 à 01:39 bb

found the very rules!

12.06.2007 à 07:53 Michal

Sorry, I've not explained.
You have to clear all blocks selecting rectangles with the same color corner.

01.08.2007 à 21:30 hx_alias

cooool! thanks for sharing.. very keen to get busy with Haxe!

02.08.2007 à 14:59 haxer

how do i compile the source that I have downloaded?
Normally there is a .hmxl file to compile, but you have a .hxproj file

02.08.2007 à 15:46 Michal

Hi there !
I'm happy to see people who like Haxe !
Yes sorry, I'll put the .hxml inside the source code after work (the .hxproj is the Haxe FlashDevelop 3 project sorry ... )

06.08.2007 à 13:12 haxer

Thankyou very much.
Keep up the good work!

30.08.2007 à 19:31 Matthieu

This game is very fun.

25.10.2007 à 18:20 jean-michel


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