AIRLogger for Haxe

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var e = { text : "test", number : 10 } ;
AIRLogger.debug( e ); e );
AIRLogger.warn( e );
AIRLogger.error( e );
AIRLogger.fatal( e );

and/or :

trace( e );

You can download the AIRLogger Console here
Haxe AIRLogger API with documentation and sample are available here.


  • You can use it for debugging SWF8/9
  • AIRLogger has a buffer: the logs will be displayed when console is available (even launched after your SWF)
  • The console is multi SWF tabs (you can debug several SWF at the same time)
  • The logs are in HTML format (you can copy-paste as you want, and has better performaces)
  • An automatic update system will be available soon on the console
  • Beautiful skin, light and useful, enjoy the AIRLogger !


08.17.2007 at 08:12 jean-michel

thank you michel
still hard to progress in action script
i give up haxe at least for now

08.17.2007 at 08:26 Abe

Thanks for that Michel .
Now, rest the AS2 version ^^

08.17.2007 at 08:34 Michal

Thanks for reading guys !
Well, the Haxe version is both compatible AS2/AS3
More exactly SWF8 and less/SWF9

08.17.2007 at 10:44 erixtekila

I assume you are using LocalConnection as way to send the output to the console.
IMHO this is an awful solution as there is a limit for the weight of data sent.
Maybe anothe good alternative should be to use a swhx project with a neko socket serving as the middle layer to push the output to a swf interface. It could then use AMF remoting, Haxe remoting or whatever XMLSocket data serialization.
Anyhow, there won't be any limited buffer of data anymore.
LocalConnection can sometimes just stops the swf to play, depending of the amount of data !! which is the exact opposite behavior expecteded

08.17.2007 at 12:36 Michal

Hi Eric !
You're right, there is something to do on this way.
But this class is simply a way to use the AIRLogger.
I didn't create it
Next thing is that the AIRLogger Console is AIR based, and uses webkit for HTML output that improve performances and has template skin system...
I wonder if SWHX next version could include webkit, it would be great !
Anyway, thanks for reporting ! I'll take a look on your proposition.
(I have to contact you for pixlib haxe porting... sorry for the delay .. too much work ! )

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