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Qu'est ce que Haxe ?

08.20.2012 3490 3

Pour tous ceux qui se demandent encore ce qu'est Haxe, voici une introduction succincte à cet O.V.N.I autant décrié que méconnu !

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« using » en Haxe

05.24.2009 4845 2

Dans la version 2.04 de Haxe, qui devrait pointer son nez d'ici peu, un nouveau mot clé apparaîtra : using
Ce mot-clé est différent des autres langages comme le C++ ou C# par exemple. C'est un raccourci du compilateur pour cibler des méthodes statiques comme des méthodes d'instance...Un petit truc pour le confort du développeur
Voyons voir ce que ça veut dire tout ce bordel...

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Haxe completion for Flash Develop 3

03.30.2009 7772 9

Flash develop 3 supports Haxe projects now.As many IDEs, FD3 has his own completion system that helps you writing code in a specified language, and for now it's Haxe language case too.
Here comes a patch for FD3 that allows Haxe compiler's built-in completion.
Let's see how install it and how it works.

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FEffects 1.1.1

02.25.2009 7218 0

I've changed a little bit the FEffects Tween class so you can use now, the short syntax that allows working directly on an object's property and you can set the easing function in the constructor.
Some new methods like : pause(), resume(), seek( n : Int ) and reverse() are added, and the following getters : position, duration, isPlaying and reversed.
The main loop function is inlined now too.

Original post is here
You can also see this post about sharing code between different plateforms (FEffects do that ).

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Flash desktop applications using Haxe & SWHX

11.09.2008 19451 10

In March, I had a proposition to write an article on Haxe for a magazine called "Flash&Flex Developer's Magazine". It is a quarterly publication distributed in English language in the USA.
It was much work for me, because Haxe is a vast subject and it was very difficult to choice what talking about !
Finally, I've written a desktop application, and then I decided to tittle the article :"Flash Desktop applications using Haxe & SWHX"
The application is an Icon-Dock (a la Object-Dock, YZDock...) entirelly build with Haxe.
Since I can't publish the article (13 pages effective of pure eye's pleasure :D ) on my blog, until the magazine is in stores, here is the source code of the dock called "FDock"...of course ;).

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Haxe articles updated for Haxe 2.0

11.02.2008 3382 0

Some monthes ago, I released 2 articles for The Flash&Flex Developper's magazine.
Since Haxe 2.0, some changes occured, so here comes new versions of the FDock application described in the first number and XiLib example for the 2nd.

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08.28.2008 5772 3

Here is a light slide show flash movie, written in Haxe of course and targeting Flash Player 9.
I haven't any good picture to display, so I asked some friends of mine, to give me some of their lost pixels. Thanks guys
Click on the picture you like, to see the author's blog.

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hxDeploy : Haxe project template

08.25.2008 3890 2

When I used to work with the Flash IDE, it was easy to test a piece of actionscript code, in an empty flash project. It was build somewhere in a temporary folder, and I never cared about that.
Since I don't use the the Flash IDE anymore, and in order to do quickly a test, I have to open my favourite editor, create a project, create the folders, files...A boring work...
And at the end what you get is an "experiments" folder, where there is a million of subfolders begining by "test"...
I've written something to deploy quickly a Haxe project. It's nothing exciting but it can help.

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hjs : Writing hScript in <script> HTML tag

08.09.2008 4011 1

You can't sleep since hScript is released ?! You want write hScript everywhere and even your last greeting card was written in hScript?!
Nothing special here...
I've tried to write some hScript directly inside a <script> tag in the HTML document, as we can use javascript or vbscript and else ...
Take a look at that, it's just funny .

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Haxe 2.0 RC1

08.04.2008 2857 1

The new Haxe verison is available !

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