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Signals, Haxe macros inline dispatch and my turtle "Fabienne"

06.19.2013 4366 4

I never liked events...
I'm not writing about events that my friends organized and where many naked girls under narcotics did weird things with their anatomy, no.

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FlashDevelop Start Page plugin

06.16.2013 3794 0


I hate the FlashDevelop Start Page that opens sometimes I don't know when and why...
In fact it's all my fault. There is a well done settings panel where you can customize many things and especially the Start Page, but I haven't really taken time to look at this quitely, I have not time...
All that to say that some days ago I've seen that there are some kind of extra methods allowed for the browser engine like displaying the last FD release version, create a new project or open a project...This last gave me an idea .

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Haxe extern keyword and modular applications

12.19.2012 5034 0

I have often worked on huge applications, which need to be explosed into modules. It permits, in particular, to maintain easily the whole applications, working on separated modules that can share a common core base.
The thing is also not to duplicate code, neither in the source or in the generated output.
And for now more than 6 years that I work with Haxe, I use the famous extern keyword to achieve my goal.
Things change, and Haxe 3 comming soon, there are new semantics on extern classes which forbid some useful things that were permitted using Haxe 2.10 or less.
But as the fashion is on macros nowadays, and as it says :"There's a macros for that !", let's see how to get the same behaviour as before using Haxe 3.

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Flash, Haxe, NME, SWHX - Web, Desktop, Mobile : Everywhere, do what you want !

12.05.2012 5046 0

I come back again with an old stuff...
All that began when looking at my incredible website ( ), I rememebered that the menu, on the top right of the page, was written for the Flash plateform. And I know that nowdays, to be up-to-date, you have to work with HTML5 !
Ok, no problem for me... As the title of the post suggest : I work with Haxe and I can do what I want !

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BloHx : From Flash to NME to Windows/ OSX/ Linux/ Android/ iOS/ Blackberry/ HTML5...

11.23.2012 5218 1

Long time ago I rewrote in Haxe a little game called Blocky
I wrote this game quickly as a sample for an old lib I used to write and some mothes ago I decided to rewrite again this ununderstandable () game, first to update it for the last haxe's version, still targeting only Flash and then using NME to target Windows, OSX, Linux, Android, iOS, Blackberry, HTML5...That's enough for now
Let's see how to make an existing Haxe Flash game working as a native desktop or mobile device's application or export it in HTML5 for any browser.

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Haxe 3 : Get ready

10.31.2012 3079 1

Since the Haxe 2.10 RC on June 2012, you can test some new features that will be implemented in the next Haxe 3.0 release that should come on December on January 2013. Maybe for Christmas ?
In order to follow all changes and become more familiar with the new features I work with Haxe Nightly Builds. Let see how does it look like and how start form now using Haxe 3 new features.

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Simple socket cross-domain policies Neko server

10.28.2012 3586 0

In a previous post it was question about Flash Player security and we've seen that we need a cross-domain policies server in order to connect a socket on another domain.
We gonna see how to quickly write this kind of server using Neko, that is one of Haxe's "server side" plateform. It means that common Haxe "client-side" developers as flash, javascript or NME developers can easily write their servers using the same language. Quite a good thing, isn't it ?

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Flash Player security and application domains summary

10.12.2012 4786 2

This post will try to help you to understand what's going on behind the scene inside the Flash Player when playing with loading and sharing external data or connecting remote servers. It's a summary of differents security strategies and architechtural cases that can be applied to a project.

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Haxe & NME Collections Benchmark

10.06.2012 3210 0

In order to test which type of collection I should use in differents cases, I wrote a simple little benchmark that can be used both on Flash or all NME targets. Here comes my personal results (ms)

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Qu'est ce que NME ?

08.21.2012 2631 0

Dans la continuité de la philosophie de Haxe, qui se veut être un langage universel web et avec l'avènement de nouvelles plateformes de développement comme les mobiles (iOS, android, webOS, BlackBerry...) et le HTML5, il est apparu un autre O.V.N.I appelé NME. Voici une brève présentation de ce nouvel outil...qui n'est d'ailleurs pas si "nouvel" que ça .

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